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Dear visitors!

I had long been thinking on making a site like this. I have been reading romance since the time these books first appeared in sale in Russian bookstores. In a course of time I already knew which author I liked, which book should have a continuation, which book was writen rather poor.

When I started searching the web I was in fact convinced that the topic of romance novels was repeatedly used like it was with freestuff, entertainment, etc. However by that time I found just nothing in Russian part of the web.

To much extent it is due to the fact that overwhelming majority of Russian webmasters are men, so they're not interested in women's novels and, besides, women who usually read novels are not so asquainted with computers :)

Nevertheless, 60% of Russian women read romance novels. Besides, there is no Russian writers of romance (though I am sure they will appear from minute to minute!).

This site is an effort to put existing romance book in order and to tell about the most interesting books of famous authors.

Please, take into consideration, that the site first of all is meant for Russian audience, that is why, despite booklists and descriptions of books in both languages, major information is available in Russian only. You may read the same information in English when you follow the related links at the top left part of the author's page under the photo.

November 25, 2001. Jayne Ann Krentz (Amanda Quick) web page appeared.

October 21, 2001. Susan Elizabeth Phillips web page appeared.

October 10, 2001. Lisa Kleypas web page appeared.

July 12, 2001. Mary Jo Putney web page appears. Read the writer's interview to the Romance Catalogue!

May 16, 2001. English version of Main Page appeared.

April 13, 2001. Nora Roberts web page appeared.

February 7, 2001. Catherine Coulter web page appeared.

January 1, 2001. You may sign up for Romance newsletter at Subscribe.ru.

December 10, 2000. Linda Howard web page appeared.

December 3, 2000. Club Romance is founded. Details read here (rus).

November 20, 2000. Site opened. Five writers available: Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsey, Judith McNaught, Julie Garwood and Shirlee Busbee.

Site is working in association with Amazon.com, Bolero.ru and O3ON.RU online stores where you may order books in Russian and English from any country of the world.

Every book is accompanied with estimate. Scale varies from * to ***** (the more stars the better). If you are not agree with the estimate - the system of voting is available where you may express your own opinion or write a comment.

So, start surfing from choosing the author, then look by name or series of the book.

If you have any comments, offers or wishes, you may express them in my guestbook, or via e-mail romance@narod.ru.

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Design&Idea © 2000-2001 Galina Phedonina; e-mail: romance@narod.ru

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